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May 31, 2011
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Haters gonna Hate by SparkLum Haters gonna Hate by SparkLum
I dont understand what's up with these haters. They go out of their way to try to make my life hell. Why? Am I really that important to you? Is what I do really that important to you? Wow, you took so much time out of your day to leave me a nasty comment or harass me on Twitter or something. Do I really matter that much to you? Aww, how sweet, I'm glad someone's thinking about me :heart:

So yeah, while you're sitting there harassing me and thinking that you're awesome for doing so, I'll be out having a life and actually doing things, because I have better things to do then to piss and moan with you.

I know I'm so important to you, but I'm sorry to say, you're just not important to me. You're not gonna make me like you, or hate you. Really, I don't care.

So yeah, keep on hating. I've made this stamp, and now I'm going to have a life. You just keep on picking on people to make yourself feel better :)


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crystal agree!
darkblaze15 Mar 25, 2014  Professional Writer
I don't know why people think I'm annoying.
Rose3212 Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here, I block them
PolygonMew Mar 2, 2014   Digital Artist
I agree
Zayata Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThisThis...just fucking this. You could not have said it any better.
crypto6 Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I love you. Every hater needs to read this and frown for you speak words of truth and wisdom. Bravo mate, bravo!
I know EXACTLY what you mean, theres a girl on this very site that HATES cupa the creeper from mob talker. Her name is cazziethecreeper. She made a "oc" named kurupai, she made it by using kidpix to color over cupas 
hair purple. now she thinks that theres 1,00000 people who like kurupai and frequently posts comments calling cupa a slut. She thinks i have so much time on my hands to make all the minecraft accpunts that installed the mob talker mod (about 3,450). just to show i like her. She sent me 100 comments with lame comebacks sayin i suck. every time i replied with short comments back  she sent me 100 more, all of which i didnt read.
send this to cazziethecreeper s account:

Youre a stupid slut with no life and youre so butthurt about every damn thing u see on the internet. you deserve to go to hell along with your dumb oc kurupai.

then block her.
tlc234lovelystars Dec 5, 2013  Student General Artist
I agree.
Chiminix Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's why I don't even bother with Twitter... it's full of idiots.
The quote is totally right. Is it okay if I use the thumbnail of it on my front page on DA? As far as I know, people should be able to see your gallery this way. Thanks in advance for answering.
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